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Wholesale tilapia fillets


Wholesale tilapia fillets

Product No.:201936102925

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Product Name Frozen fresh tilapia fillet
Scientific Name Oreochromis Niloticus
Freezing Way IQF (Individually Quick Frozen)
 Processing Types A. Whole Round
B. Gutted & Scaled
C. Gutted & Scaled & Gilled
D. Whole Cleaned/Moon Cut
E. Fillet Skinless & Boneless
F. Fillet Skin on & Boneless
Size 2-3oz,3-5oz,5-7oz,7-9oz,9-11oz,11oz up
N.W. / Glazing 95%NW, 90%NW, 85%NW, 80%NW, etc
Package IVP/IQF 10lb or 20lb carton;1lb with rider
Shelf Life 24 months
MOQ 1 x 40'FCL(44000-50000lbs)
Delivery Time Within 25 days after confirmation.
Payment Terms A. T/T with 30% prepayment,70% against scan copies
B. L/C at sight with acceptable issuing bank
Shipping Docs 1. Commerical Invoice
2. Packing List
3. Certificate of Origin
4. Health Certificate
5. Bill of Loading
6. Form A / Form E
Main Markets U.S., European countries, the Middle East
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